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Learn how to perform the meditations featured on the meditations page.


Mindfulness in everyday life

In daily life we are often caught up in our thoughts and ‘lost’ to noticing our experience of the present moment or ‘here and now’. The human mind has developed strong habitual pat...  more  

‘Compassionate light’ meditation

Similar to the ‘Taking and Sending meditation’, the ‘’Compassionate Light’ meditation is a guided meditation that focuses on the transformation of our internal experience into comp...  more  

‘RAIN’ meditation

A compassionate practice to work more deeply with difficult emotions. ‘RAIN’ is an acronym for recognise, allow, investigate and nurture. Emphasis is placed on accepting the nature...  more  

‘Taking and Sending’ meditation

When we notice suffering in ourselves or others, we frequently feel at a loss as to how to respond. This ‘taking and sending’ meditation can be used at such times.   more  

Compassionate Body Awareness Meditation

In daily life, our attention is often so focused on the mind’s activities, that we are hardly aware of our bodies. In this meditation we are bringing warm-hearted compassionate att...  more  

Self-Compassion Break

This is a meditation for us to use at times when we are having a difficult experience. It may be that something difficult has happened in our external world, or it may be that our ...  more  

The three minute breathing space

The 3-minute breathing space is an extremely useful meditation when we find ourselves anxious or stressed. When time is limited, and we feel under pressure or off-balance, it can u...  more  

Breathing meditation

In mindfulness meditation practices, our intention is to be as aware as possible of the present moment. By deliberately bringing our attention to the ‘here and now’, we loosen the ...  more