A warm welcome to this website!

Welcome! Perhaps you are looking to savour the experiences that spiritual poetry can evoke for you, or want to dwell a while with a meditation. Or perhaps are someone interested in spiritual development, ceremony or bespoke spiritual poetry. Or maybe you are just curious. Whyever you are here…whatever has brought you, you are most welcome.

Many of us interested in the human condition and in personal/spiritual development will be familiar with the symbolism of the lotus, an exquisite flower that starts off its life in thick mud. The famous quote, 'No mud, no lotus' (Thich Nhat Hanh) reminds us that our human growth and joy is only made possible as we grow through the inevitable pain and hurt we encounter as human beings. My spiritual poetry expresses some of the light and darkness in my own journey. The first in the trilogy of spiritual poetry books that you will find on this site honours Mairi Evans, a beloved therapist who helped me and many others ‘emerge from the mud'.

The lotus for me symbolises the beauty we see all around us in the natural world and reflects the beauty that we can come to know within ourselves. Our innate qualities of stillness and peace and wisdom (our 'lotus') are so often obscured by the strong habits of our minds to dwell with old wounds and programming (our 'mud'). We can choose various ways to counter these habits and develop a more positive relationship with ourselves and our lives.

Whether you are interested in spiritual poetry, or meditation, or in the opportunities for personal and spiritual  growth…or ceremony for marking milestones in your own life or that of loved ones…I offer this website. Here, I share some of my spiritual poetry, hoping that it may touch you...and perhaps open up something for you. I also offer a collection of audio recordings and scripts of meditations and compassion practices tailored to be brief and accessible in daily life. And I offer ways in which we can work directly together.

My vision in creating this website is of a sacred space, a place which honours the light and dark of our human condition and our spirituality, and which has the potential to connect us...even momentarily...with the depth of compassion and peace and wisdom that lies deep within each of us. Some may call this our 'higher self' or 'inner divinity'...some may call it 'heart' or 'spirit' or 'soul' or 'God'...or none of these.

My hope is that in your visit you find something nourishing, perhaps a stepping stone on your journey…or a breathing space…and that you leave enriched, even if it's simply by taking a few moments to savour the beauty of the lotus. There are opportunities to delve deeper if you choose.

Thank you for coming!


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