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About Barbara Payman

I launch this website at an exciting time in my life. As 2021 begins, I am publishing my spiritual poetry for the first time. My work is unfolding in a new direction, focusing explicitly on facilitating people in the realm of their spirituality and spiritual development.

My whole history leads me to where I am today. My spirituality was evident in childhood, long before I could name it. For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about the natural world, feeling in awe of its beauty and magic.

Recognising my enchantment, my grandpa gave me my first pair of binoculars at the age of ten and I have never been without a pair since! Pursuing this love of nature, I went on to complete a degree and Ph.D in Zoology. Nature remains core to my spirituality and I spend as much time outdoors as I can, feeling a deep sense of connection.

Meanwhile, my working life took me in a different direction, into academic research and teaching in health sciences. I began to feel a growing interest in human nature. I came to recognise that my personal development, and my vocation to help others with theirs, had become my highest priority. In 1990, this led me to embark on training as a psychotherapist, and it was my great privilege to work as a psychotherapist for thirty years; over twenty in private practice and then within a hospital and hospice, prior to my retirement in 2020.

In my personal life, I have come to know myself as a woman of faith, committed to living a spiritual life. My journey, as for everyone wishing to develop their higher potential, has been difficult and challenging, and wonderful and inspiring. To honour, respect and value all others (human and animal) is my guiding principle. I have become a Buddhist, remaining rooted in my Jewish history, and in all that this means to me. I am a trustee of 'Spirit of Peace', a charity promoting reconciliation and peace.

In 2010, I learnt of a spiritual training for ‘men and women deeply committed to serving people of all faiths and no faith’…I felt called to a two-year journey of challenge and joy which led to my ordination as a 'OneSpirit interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor' in 2012.

I moved back to my beloved North Yorkshire in 2013. Since then, as well as becoming a Buddhist, I have become a mindfulness practitioner and qualified mindfulness teacher, and a vegan. Now, in semi-retirement, I have the gift of time for following up all the things you will find in this website.

Thank you for visiting. If you would like to learn more about my spiritual poetry, spiritual counselling, ceremony or my mindfulness and meditation services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Spiritual poetry, meditation, ceremony with Barbara Payman. Ordained minister.

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Barbara Payman

Ordained OneSpirit Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Counsellor 2012.
UKCP Registered Psychotherapist 1997.
BSc.(Hons) Zoology 1976; Ph.D. Ethology 1980.


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